Since the commencement of our tenure, we have laid immense stress on maintaining the qualitative standards of this domain.

We operate a modern, Fully staffed laboratory equipped with the latest equipment to verify that all incoming as well as finished products are as per specifications.

We do online check of every heat of molten metal meets our customers’ requirements. We also checks tensile property, Hardness Etc. -for casting soundness.

  • Online chemical test sampling
  • Chemical and mechanical Laboratory
  • Sand Testing Laboratory
  • Heat Treatment
  • Design Assistance
  • Technical Assistance

Testing Equipments


 We own a germen made hitachi foundry master spectrometer with high analytical performance of 28 elements

Hardness Tester

 Brinell Hardness Tester – B3000 Optical

Tensile Tester

 Universel Testing Machine – FIE 400KN

Sand Testing Equipments

 Sieve Shaker – Mesh No.1700-53

 Digital Strength Machine

 Permeability Meter

 Core Hardness Tester

 Sand Rammer

 Compatibility Testerr

 moisture Tester

 Mould Hardness Tester

Client Satisfaction

We have made it an obligation for ourselves to ensure that all activities and tasks we pursue should be in a client-centric way.

The products we offer are of premium quality and are customized for befitting the requirements of our clients. To ensure that our clients acquire quality products, our quality analysts conduct regular quality checks to ensure that all products are in compliance with the industry norms.

Further, to maintain the standards of our services, we ensure that we deploy the latest technology and upgraded machinery for precise & client specific results. We guarantee that all services are completed within the promised time frame. Due to these factors.

Quality Certificate